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Want a romantic wedding?

Documents you need to provide – Birth certificates of bride and the groom showing their parent’s names – Passports of both bride and groom with photocopies – Declaration if anyone of you is divorced – Adoption certificate in case of adopted child – Certificate of Non-Impediment – Husband’s death certificate in case the bride is […]

Rhodes Island Greece

Rhodes Island Greece [youtube=] Arriving to Rhodes Island the word special comes to your mind . Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodekanese in Greece and visitors to this amazing place will likely never forget how special it is. In fact, many visitors come to Rhodes Island on a trip or cruise boat and […]

a tribute to Melina Mercuri

a tribute to Melina Mercuri

the medieval city

MEDIEVAL CITY OF RHODES Its a joy to wander through the pedestrian-only, cobbled streets of Rhodes Towns old town, protected by 14th-century fortifications measuring 4km (2.5 miles) in length. The top attraction is the vast 14th-century Palace of the Grand Masters,housing a museum tracing the islands history.To reach it, walk up Ippoton Street, lined with […]